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We are looking for a good home for our 96 Grand Sport. We enjoyed it for the last 3 years and had no intention of selling until the terrible day 3 weeks ago when one of the rod bearings spun. Brian at Nahas Chevy polished the scratched crankshaft rod bearing surface and installed all new crankshaft and rod bearings. The knock is gone, the engine runs, but there is a little wrist pin slap when starting. Who knows how long it will run before needing to rebuild the short block.

And, as Paul Harvey used to say  "Here's the rest of the story. . ."

Bought 3 years ago with 24,000 miles for $28,000, below the average price for this limited run (1000) edition. Only year with the LT4 (not the “ LT-4” in newer Vettes) 345+ HP, 6 Spd.
Updated/replaced all major age-related items such as:
   » Water pump
   » Opti-Spark
   » Gaskets for intake & oil pan
   » Flushed cooling, rear, transmission, fuel system
   » New plugs & wires
   » New Eagle tires
   » New weatherstripping
   » New Bilstein shocks & much me at a cost over $4000.

Everything works. BUT. . .
Chevrolet installed new crank & rod bearings after a rod bearing spun on one rod about three weeks ago. Repaired as well as could but still a slight noise when starting. Runs fine now BUT who know? I enjoyed working every week on the car but am getting too old to pull the engine for a rebuild/performance gain. SOOOO... this is a good deal for someone who wants to pull the engine for power modifications.

I will DEFINITELY sell for the best price based on a fair market value less $9,000 for an engine rebuild (I have prices ranging from $6000 to $7900 but there are always extra surprises). The Grand Sport Registry has everything you need to know about the 1000 limited run of these cars.  For complete info click the GS Buyers Guide Logo below:

1996 Corvette Grand Sport

Vin: 1G1YY2258T5600104
Title: clear
Exterior: Admiral Blue with White factory stripe + Red fender hash stripes
Interior: Light Gray
Engine: LT-4
HP etc:   292 to 300 RWHP (343 - 353 net HP) and about 300 lb/ft torque
Trans: 6 Speed
Condition: See above
Mileage: 31,246
     »GM built 1,000 limited edition Grand Sports for the 1996 model run... 810 coupes and 190 convertibles.
     »The Z16 Grand Sport RPO was a 1-year only option for 1996 Corvettes.
Garage Kept Well Maintained, Loooooow mileage, Very Good Condition except...
Asking Market price LESS $9,000 (see above)
Located in Leesburg, FL
Contact Lon Barnaby  352-552-0610