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Welcome to the Village Vettes Corvette Club website.  Here you will find a plethora of entertaining, informative, insightful, useful (or perhaps) useless information about our club and our beloved cars,

As you can see by the club events listed above, we have a very, very active club, enjoying the camaraderie of our fellow members and our cars with lots of cruises, shows, dine&drive's. etc. on our agenda.  Please visit our calendar page for details and links to our upcoming events.  If, after perusing our entire website you feel an unrelenting urge to join our club, please click this button for an on-line registration form  On-Line Applicattion  
Our club is open to all residents of THE VILLAGES who own CORVETTES.  Thank you and please, enjoy our site and the rest of your day. 


04/22/21:  Once again, the management at NPD went out of their way to make our club contingent feel welcome.  The tour was especially great in that both FATHER & SON were our tour guides.    CLICK BELOW FOR A SPECTACULAR SLIDESHOW 

04-17-21,  Monthly Spanish Springs Cruise-in: The rain certainly didn't alter the need for showing cars around the square.  A fantastic turnout and lotsa cool VETTES & RODS.CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW FOR A COMPLETE SLIDESHOW OF THE EVENT

04/16/21: two events in one day  - whatTa great club - HOLLERBACH GERMAN RESTAURANT:  Our sincere thanks to Bob & Ione Klenz for organizing and leading this perennial favorite dining and entertainment experience.  I heard nothing but raves from every one that attended.   


04/16/21: COOL CARS UNDER THE STARS-Leesburg:  Charlie & Linda Taylor & Bill and Carol Malstrom both won BEST OF awards.  Charlie's 2017 Arctic White GS roadster for Best Custom, Bill's 2020 Torch Red C8 for BEST Late Model.  WAY TO GO GUYS...

04-08-21, Monthly Meeting & Parking Lot Cruise-in:  Not quite the turnout as last months but, given we only had 2 a day notice - still a fun time. Members and the general public has a chance to see the newest, oldest, and best CORVETTES IN THE VILLAGES.


03/20/21: Chris Cruz Artistry & Lunch @ "the table":  Chris Cruz never disappoints when we visit his shop.  His automotive artistry & creativity is boundless as evidenced by the number of members' cars he's made unique.  Dinner at THE TABLE was excellent.

03-11-21, Monthly Meeting & Parking Lot Cruise-in:  Lotsa C8's and new members' Vettes.  Welcome everyone. Thank you to Bob Baker for this wonderful video.  YOU ARE THE VIDEO MASTER...

03/10/21: mESA DE NOTTE:  Another spectacular true italian dining experience hosted by Larry Joy.  We filled the private room with garlic, wine & laughter, a much needed commodity for all of us.


02-11-21, An Evening with Garth Brooks:  The COVID19 restrictions prevented us from having our annual Holiday Party in December - but - we asked the band if they'd "postpone" their gig to a time when things opened up again. 



The Surprising Legal Ramifications of Having a Dashcam in Your Car

Want to make sure your mechanic isn't messing with your car? Be careful, a dashcam could actually get you in trouble too.

We've all seen the hilarious footage of a customer car being taken on a joyride by a mechanic, with the whole ordeal recorded by the customer's dashboard camera. Hapless technicians and porters flog cars, often with the dash cam right in front of them preparing to make them YouTube stars.

Are there any potential legal ramifications to the car owner for any of this? Believe it or not, yes. Here is what you need to know about your dash cam, from a legal perspective.

Many states have eavesdropping statutes. And this means I have to insert the normal caveat here: This WILL vary wildly from state to state. But in general terms, eavesdropping statutes govern whether you can record a conversation without the consent of some or all of the participants to the conversation.

While most people get their dash cams so they record the view through their windshield, dash cams often record audio from inside the passenger compartment as well. In Michigan, courts have ruled that a person can record a conversation to which they are a party regardless of the other parties to the conversation knowing or giving consent in advance. So, if you have a dash cam in your own car and it is recording while you drive, you have no problem since you are a "party" to any conversation going on in your car.

The issue arises when you are not in your car. Like when you drop off your supercar for minor warranty work and leave it in the hands of professionals for the day. If your dash cam records a conversation between people in the car that you are not a part of, it would be considered "eavesdropping" in many states. Eavesdropping statutes often carry harsh penalties: In Michigan it is a felony, carrying possible prison time and a steep fine. As an attorney, I advise you to avoid eavesdropping.

There are a couple of points to be made here, however. The obvious one is that all of these statutes tend to address "conversation." As in, people talking. If the dash cam is only recording video but no audio, you would be fine. Does the camera have a mute function? If so, mute it when you will not be in the car.

If you didn't mute the recording and got some juicy footage–including audio–of your car being thrashed, you might still have some decent defenses. The obvious one is that the camera is in plain sight. Did the miscreants really not know what the dash cam was doing while they were beating on your car? If the recording was not secret, then it might not be considered eavesdropping.

It might also help you that the people abusing your car are likely breaking the law. [Fun fact: The authorization I signed to let you test drive my car did not give you permission to joy ride in it. And I HAVE litigated that issue before.] Courts often look askance at people who come before them with unclean hands, asking for help. "He eavesdropped on me while I was whipping his car!"

Of all of the cases I've seen so far–and I've seen a few–I have yet to see someone get in trouble for "eavesdropping" in their own car. But, it is just something I need to point out. I'm sure we'll hear of it one of these days. In the meantime, mute the microphone on the camera when you drop the car off – just in case. The footage will be just as funny without sound.

Here's even more that you need to know about dashcams:


If you store your C5, C6 or C7 Corvettes for the winter/summer or whenever, you should watch this video from Paul Koerner, a GM World Class Technician who can be found wrenching on Corvettes at Jackson Chevrolet in Middletown, CT.

In the video, Paul highlights Chevrolet engineering’s recommendations for storing C5, C6 and C7 Corvettes with only a quarter tank of gas. And to demonstrate why, Paul is showing a fuel system out of a 2014 Corvette with the emphasis on the fuel level module that includes the float, fuel sending unit, and fuel pump.

When you store your later model Corvette with a full tank of fuel, Paul shows how the sending unit sensor card contact point on the float would actually be submerged in fuel. That’s not an issue with normal driving because the sending unit float moving up and down helps keep the contacts clean. However, should it remain submerged over long storage periods, sulfur contaminants in the fuel can change the resistance of the sending card, causing issues with the fuel system.

The reason why most people were taught to fill up their tanks before a long-term storage would be to keep moisture out of the fuel tank. Paul then shows how the Corvette fuel system is a closed system designed to keep moisture out and that’s why you can store your Corvette with just a quarter tank of fuel.

Sulfur contaminated fuel level sensors due to storing Corvette with a full tank can happen and create huge expense, so do NOT STORE your C5/C6/C7 with more than a 1/4 tank of fuel. Let’s see why!!! 

As you may know, starting with the C5 Corvettes and continuing through C7, the Corvettes utilized a “saddle bag” design for the fuel tanks and you can see in the video what a pain it is to remove them. So take Paul’s advice and if you store your Corvette for an extended amount of time, make sure it only has a quarter tank of fuel!


The following video embodies what the

is all about, loving & driving our cars and taking care of our fellow man.  Before you go any further, please take a moment to watch this really these great VIDEOS