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a very nice story. . .
Why I Drive
1966 Corvette
Passed from Father to Daughter, 4-SPEED

Watch the video, read below.  Very nice story...

A new episode of “Why I Drive” on dropped this week showcasing an Ermine White 1966 Corvette Coupe and the owner, Leslie Sisco. Leslie inherited the Sting Ray from her father who purchased the car in 1968, and it’s been in the family ever since. When her father passed away in 2016, she became its new caretaker.

It’s a fantastic owner story and the visuals from the video make this a must-watch for any Corvette enthusiast who understands how these cars are more than just a means of transportation…they are part of the family.

The story goes that her parents were both in medical school and one weekend while his wife was out of town, Mr. Sisco convinced his mother to co-sign a loan for a preowned 1966 Corvette. Apparently, Mrs. Sisco wasn’t happy about the purchase at all. “When Mom came home, she found herself the new owner of a Corvette,” says Leslie, “and Dad nearly found himself divorced.” Luckily, it never went that far and the Corvette would be Mr. Sisco’s daily driver until the 1980s (when it was replaced with a DeLorean).

Like any kid that grew up with a C2 Corvette in the family, she remembers those road trips of riding in the back of the Corvette. Leslie recalls the fond memories of trips to her grandmother’s house in the Corvette while she would lie in the back looking out the Coupe’s rear window as they made their way.

Prior to his passing, Leslie recounts her father asking about the car and if she would want the responsibility for taking it over once he was gone and she readily agreed. One of the updates he told her the car needed was a repaint, as the original Ermine White paint was showing its years in some places. Although she pledged to do this, after his passing and talking with other Corvette owners, she determined to keep the car as original as possible, including the old paint.

Then there is the unique smell that comes with a 50+ years-old Corvette that’s never been restored:

“I probably like the smell the most,” says Leslie. “It’s a mixture between gas and vinyl and what I can only describe as the years of grass my dad tracked in there from the golf course. It’s just one more connection to him.”

The story of Leslie’s White ’66 Corvette and the connection it provides to her late father is very similar to my own Corvette story, so this video really hit home for us. I hope you watched it and for even more, go read the entire article and view more pics at

Mr.4-SPEED Pt 1

Mr.4-SPEED Pt 2

Mr.4-SPEED Pt 3

Mr.4-SPEED Pt 4

FuelTech Sets a New World Record for Horsepower on the C8 Corvette

1984 Chevy Corvette Promotional Video


Why Chevy Abandoned the 1962-1965 Fuel Injected 327 V8

Very, very, very old GM PROMO FILM (94 years ago)

[Sorry, they didn't have audio in 1927 so hum or sing to yourself whilst you watch]

A bit of trivia.  In this film they refer to AUSTRALASIA.  What is the difference between AUSTRALASIA  & AUSTRALIA?  (the first member to email me at  with the correct answer will win a valuable prize).

1963 Chevy Commercial

1937 Film Perfectly Explains How a Car Differential Works

Even if you already understand the concept, this vintage visual illustration breaks it down beautifully.

line, grey, black and white, exercise equipment, monochrome, machine, monochrome photography, barbell, circle, gas,

The standard open differential in most cars is a brilliant piece of engineering, allowing you to take the tightest turns without fighting your tires or tearing your drivetrain apart. But even if you understand implicitly how a car's differential works, it's kind of difficult to explain.

That's why this instructional film from 1937 is so fantastic. It simplifies the car differential down to its most basic representation—three sticks of wood—to make a visual representation that's immediately crystal clear. Once you've grasped the basic concept, it's easy to comprehend the additional complexities of a working differential.

This instructional is a classic production of the rambunctious former Olympic swimmer Henry Jamison "Jam" Handy—who, having been expelled from the University of Michigan after writing a sensationalized article in the Chicago Tribune headlined "Learn Sly Clupid's Tricks; Students at Ann Arbor Take Lessons in Love Making," could probably be described as the great-grandfather of clickbait.

Handy, who never employed a desk at work and never had pockets in his suits as he found them "a waste of time," went on to produce training and promotional films for soldiers, salespeople, factory workers, and most importantly, the auto industry. He died at the age of 97, having continued his daily swimming habit right up to the very end.

Anyway, here's how a car's differential works, in old-timey narration with stone-simple visual aids. If this video sends you deep down the rabbit hole of elegant, informative Jam Handy educational films, well, at least you learned something on your internet journey today.

The Train Heist Scene From Fast Five Cost $25 Million to Produce

Streamlining the 1963 split-window Corvette
Chip Foose Re-imagines an Icon


This Corvette Graveyard Is A Parts Picker’s Dream Come True: Video









5 Min Video on all 4 Vette models for 2013. the last year for the C6



Track Missile Corvette ZR1 Runs a Boost-only 8.57/160.85MPH Quarter-mile






(OCEAN CITY, Mar.) - Free State Corvette Weekend in Ocean City is the largest Corvette Club-sponsored event on the east coast.

Free State Corvette Club President, Craig Steinbock explains, "Corvette Weekend is a gathering of Corvette enthusiasts to come form all over the east coast and other countries. We actually have some folks from Canada this year."

Member Jack Vancleve adds, "47 states are represented. We have every model year Corvette that's been built here."

The Belair Corvette Club brought 44 of these cars. "We have the largest compliment of cars here for one club out of all the clubs that are here," says Belair Corvette Club Vice President, Pat Schiavone.

The inlet parking lot was packed as this year's Corvette Weekend brought out over 700 vehicles. What's unique about this car show is that it gives back to several charitable organizations.

Free State Corvette Club VP and Event Co-Chair, Ale Shire explains, "A majority of the funds go towards Spina Bifida. They are our foundation charity, but we also do give funds to USO, the Therapeutic Riding Academy, Gilchrist, several others."

Since Corvette Weekend was started 32 years ago, it has raised over a million dollars. "This year I'm anticipating probably the $60,000-$70,000 range," says Steinbock.

The main event is a parade in which the Corvettes cruise down the boardwalk en route to an award ceremony. This event takes a whole year to plan. The Free State Corvette Club will be back to work planning for next year as this weekend comes to a close.

Twin-Turbo 1967 Corvette Dominates at the Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack

Back in June was the 2018 Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack – a 1/2 mile side by side roll race and trap speed competition featuring 200 hundred of the most powerful street cars in the nation.

One of the competitors was a father/sons team who brought a 1967 Corvette Sting Ray Sport Coupe to the shootout for its first opportunity to run and the car didn’t disappoint.

In this video of the 1967 Corvette captured by 1320 Video, the owner Kyle answers questions about his very fast mid-year build. The car was previously owned by Kyle who sold it 12 years ago and then recently had the opportunity to buy it back after the car blew a motor. The Corvette was given a LT1 powerplant with two 62mm turbos which feature around 18-20 lbs of boost. The owner says he has cutouts on the sidepipes with each side having catalytic converters and two bullet muffles to try to reduce the sound of the exhaust note from the engine which Kyle says is making around 900 horsepower.

Kyle tells us that the best part of the Corvette is that it’s a project that he and his sons worked on and it was his sons idea to go with the turbos. During the weekend, the Corvette saw speeds in the half-mile shootout ranging from 157 to 175 mph! They call the car the “prodigal” and once you see it ripping down the airstrip, you’ll see why this car is really special.

Here is the description from YouTube and then the video:
Who knew an American classic from the 60’s would be whooping up on some modern Supercars? From McLarens to Lamborghinis – this Vette was GAPPING anything that lined up against him! You’re probably wondering what the powerplant of this beast is? A twin-turbo LT1! Bet ya didn’t see that coming! This is one of the coolest family projects we’ve seen in a long time. Big thanks to Kyle for showing us the ins and outs!



2019 Corvette ZR1 Claims the Full Course Lap Record at VIR
Most racetracks have several different configurations that can substantially lengthen or shorten the track and various track configurations can also be used to manage a racecar’s speed. Throw in a couple of chicanes and now the track distance is longer and slower. Virginia International Raceway is no different. Depending on the racing event, the track at VIR can be set up in six different configurations available.

At the end of January, Chevy’s new 2019 Corvette ZR1 had broken the production car track record while testing at VIR. The record time of 2:37.25 was set by Corvette ride and handling engineer Jim Mero on the 4.1 mile Grand West Course.

Incidently, the previous record holder on the Grand West Course was the Ford GT who owned the record for about a week.

Today Chevy brings us the news that the 2019 ZR1 was at it again, this time breaking the production car lap record on VIR’s 3.27 mile “Full Course” which Wikipedia tells us is the most common configuration for racing events at the historic track located in southern Virginia. The Full Course configuration features two main straights, a front straight which is 3,000 feet long and a back straight that is 4,000 feet long. These two long portions of the track play into the raw power and speed of the 755-horsepower Corvette ZR1 which you will see below.

The Full Course lap record happened to fall with Chevy Performance Engineer Alex MacDonald behind the wheel and thanks to the Performance Data Recorder video, we see speeds as high as 175 mph as he flies down the back straight and finished the lap with a time of 1:51.25: shows the Full Course lap time record was held by the Dodge Viper ACR with a time of 1:57.03. Interestingly, the driver of that time was listed as Ralph Gilles, the head honcho of Chrysler’s SRT brand before being promoted to head of design for Fiat Chrysler in April 2015.


Count Jay as a major "fan-boy" of the new ZR1

We showed you a few days ago when the comedian/car enthusiast took chief engineer Tadge Juechter on a top speed run around the Milford Proving Grounds at a whopping 204 mph.

Now comes an episode of “Jay Leno’s Garage” where he hears the facts from a couple of experts on the Corvette, and the ZR1 in particular, then takes a ride in Chevy’s new supercar to learn how civilized it is at more normal speeds on California streets.

First Leno gets the lowdown from Todd Crutcher, director of marketing for Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club, where every owner of a 2019 ZR1 gets to enjoy two days of training in the classroom and on the track to learn how to get the most of their car.

Then comes Shad Balch, Corvette product specialist, who fills Leno in on all the bells and whistles that make the ZR1 so spectacular.

Not that Leno really needed any convincing from anyone. In this video, we quickly lost track of the times he referred to the Corvette and the ZR1 in glowing terms.

[VIDEO] 2019 Corvette ZR1 Heads to Jay Leno's Garage

“It’s the performance bargain of all time,” Leno says at one point. “I mean, you get Ferrari, McLaren, Lamborghini levels of power and performance for a fraction of the price. It’s pretty amazing.”

Later, the comedian says he was “stunned” at how aerodynamically sound the ZR1 is, recalling the time more than 10 years ago when he took a Porsche Carrera to Talladega and did laps at 190 and things “got a little tense,” as he put it.

“Whereas we took (the ZR1) well over 200 mph for a long distance, and it was rock steady,” Leno brags. “Just how far aerodynamics have come in a little over a decade is pretty amazing.”

As Shad points out, “it’s one thing to get a car to go that speed, it’s a whole other composition to get it to stick to the ground.”

Though I would have been terrified to be in a car doing 204 mph with Leno behind the wheel, Tadge didn’t seem to give it a thought, raising his hands in the air and going “wooo” when the speedometer hit the magical 200 mph mark.

[VIDEO] 2019 Corvette ZR1 Heads to Jay Leno's Garage

Ready for some more superlatives from Leno? “It’s amazing how good it’s gotten,” he says. “I’m just stunned by” the Corvette.

We love it when he and Shad walk around the ZR1 and Jay points out the front splitter, joking that on an exotic like a McLaren, if something happened to that same splitter, he could either buy a replacement part or go get a Z06 for the same price!

“I know (the ZR1) is a lot of money,” he confesses, “but if you were to piece this car out, it would cost you hundreds and hundreds of thousands. I can remember when these brakes were $20,000 a set if you got them optional on some European exotic. That’s what is so amazing to me about (a Corvette) – that they’re able to do it that efficiently at this price point.”

Another superlative arrives a few minutes later when Leno says: “I keep stressing this performance bargain thing, but I look at cars that have all these features and they’re a minimum 375, 390, 400, some close to a million dollars, and they have the same horsepower and maybe a little fancier interior.”

[VIDEO] 2019 Corvette ZR1 Heads to Jay Leno's Garage

Later, we’re also proud to hear him brag about the American car industry these days, noting that it’s good to see engineers like Mark Reuss and Mary Barra running the show instead of bean-counters and marketers from outside companies.

“To see Detroit competing with the rest of the world is just fantastic,” Leno says.

“It’s a fun time to be in the car biz,” Shad admits.

“It is,” says Leno, noting you can’t fool customers with decorative badges anymore. The car’s got to perform.

And “if you want the ultimate Corvette,” Leno says, “this is it.”

That is, until Tadge and crew come up with their next big thing!


Defeating Gravity – Wingsuit vs Corvette Z06
The tease last week from Corvette Racing’s Oliver Gavin that “There is something coming…” has finally arrived as Chevrolet Europe sponsored a race between a man in a wingsuit and Oliver driving a Corvette Z06. First one to the bottom of the mountain wins!

The man in the wingsuit is Jokke Sommer, a professional skydiver and base jumper. Oliver Gavin needs no introduction to our readers or to those in Europe as he’s been with Corvette Racing since 2002 and is a five-time 24 Hours of Le Mans class winner.

The stunt takes place on a mountain pass in Switzerland called Klausen Pass, 1948 meters (6,391 ft) above sea level. Oliver’s Z06 must travel 7.2 km and will navigate 14 hairpin curves on his way down the pass.

The original promo website had people guessing who would win and on Monday afternoon the voting was 67% Corvette Z06 vs 33% Wingsuit.

Now that the video is live on the Chevrolet Europe’s special website,, we’ll let you experience it without giving away any more details. Under the video is another that offers a “Behind the Scenes” look on how the video was made.

The URL shown for takes you to Chevrolet Europe’s main website, which is rebranded as “Camaro and Corvette Europe”. A list of countries are offered and you would select your country for specific information about pricing and models.

We noted that both coupe and convertible models of the Stingrays, Grand Sports and Z06s were all available and each country had their own configurator that offered a level a customization that is comparable to the domestic configurator. The Stingray is offered with 2LT or 3LT trims while Grand Sport and Z06 were only offered in the top level 3LT/3LZ packages.

For the 2017 model year, Chevrolet exported 582 Corvettes to Europe. The best seller was the Corvette Grand Sport.

2018 Assembly Plant Tour
Plant Director Kai Spande provides an update of the CORVETTE ASSEMBLY PLANT at the National Corvette Museum’s 2018 BASH following a series of major upgrades.

As no public tours will happen this year, this seminar provides a rare glimpse inside the refurbished assembly plant’s new automation and processes used to build the 2019 Chevrolet Corvette.



This was the club's second year support this wonderful event in Ocala.  Night to Shine is an evening of wonderful excitement for a group of mentally disabled young people from this area.  This year 15 club members in their Vettes chauffeured 200 guests to their "prom".  Our thanks to Ron & Marty Tanner for again organizing this cool cruise/event.  After the driving was over we had a wonderful dinner at THE premier Italian restaurant in this area, Mesa de Notte.  


ZR1 Beats $500K Ford GT @ VIR

C8 Corvette Prototypes
Chased Down By a cALIFORNIA
C5 Corvette Driver


(click the YouTube icon above and subscribe)




Building GM's most powerful Engine Ever
the 650hp LT4 V8!

FEB 16, 2015
The Chevrolet Corvette, whether powered by a "run-of-the-mill" LT1 or a bonkers supercharged LT4, is built in Bowling Green. But many Corvette smallblocks are built in New York, at the Tonawanda Engine Plant just north of Buffalo, while some other LT4s are actually built in Kentucky.

Exclusive Photos: 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06
But that's jumping ahead of ourselves: the Tonawanda plant is fascinating. The compact, power-dense smallblock engines the plant builds are technological and engineering marvels; the supercharged LT4 makes 650 hp thanks to a highly compact supercharger, direct injection, continuously variable valve timing, and a ludicrous (for a blown engine) compression ratio of 10.0:1. It's not a crude engine in any sense of the word. And the facility it's built in is just as advanced.

Robots conduct the majority of the machining, with quality control steps after virtually every step in the process. RFID-chipped tracking bolts keep the assembly line informed of the various processes already completed on the block. As part of a major plant upgrade to handle the LT4 engine, tasks that used to take several robots at several different stations are combined into single multi-step processes with new robots. It's fascinating.

Where are the humans? Until the block is ready for internals, they're seemingly nowhere to be found. It seems that humans are the specialty tools in the assembly process, used for tasks too crucial for machines—the installation of key components like the pistons and crank. That's about 3 minutes into the video. Until then, it's robotic machining eye candy, pure and simple.




INSANE 1,250 HP C6

2016 Holiday Dinner Party
Suzie Casta
Proud Mary like you've never heard it before...

2017 ZL1 vs C7 Z06

Corvette Heritage Series
The One and Only 1983 Corvette
Don Messner

Really cool office centerpiece


Previews Mobil 1 Corvette Stingray Build Using Z06 Flowdown Parts


Callaway SC757 at Thompson Speedway



65 years of HOT ROD MAGAZINE's cover feature cars were found, and put ALL in one building


Corvette Z06  Exotics Racing in Las Vegas!


The workmanship, design, and attention to detail is absolutely amazing on these street rods.  Watch to the end, there's some really neat "rat rods"  

The Most Menacing C7 you've Ever Laid Eyes on! 3500 HP!!!

The Most Menacing C7 you've Ever Laid Eyes on! 3500 HP!!!

Jay Leno's Garage: The Ultimate Car Week
09/19/14: 42 Minutes long but worth the watch if your a "car guy/gal"

Sir Paul McCartney & His C5


I’ve been a Beatles fan for about as long as I’ve been a Corvette fan – which means pretty much my entire life, so this is a fun story for me to tell you about. Former cute-one Paul McCartney keeps a C5 Corvette at his LA home and is often seen driving it when he is on the West Coast. Paul was recently spotted strolling through LAX with new GF Nancy Shevell and the couple was photographed leaving the airport in Paul’s C5 Blue Convertible.

I believe Paul has owned this particular Corvette for some time. I remember watching a special about the recording of the 2005 CD “Chaos and Creation in the Backyard” and at one point the video showed Paul arriving at the LA recording studio in the blue C5 convertible.

Think about that for a sec. McCartney is one of the richest entertainers in the world with a net worth estimated to be a BILLION dollars. He can afford any car he wants – yet he keeps an older C5 Corvette as his personal car when in California. I think that says a lot, not only about McCartney, but about the performance and quality of the C5 generation of Corvettes.

And since I’ve already gotten way off topic with this post, let me continue with a quick plug of Paul’s latest album “Electric Arguments”. If you’re a McCartney or Beatles fan and you don’t have this disc in your collection, you are missing out. It’s Paul’s best work in several years and it’s a great listen. Check out The Fireman:   Electric Arguments.


When was the last time you saw
MG's, Cameros, Mustangs, Pontiac Tempests, Corvettes
Patrick Dempsey, Dan Gurney, Mario Andretti, Pedro Rodriguez, Mark Donahue,
and the immortal, Bruce McLaren
in the same video. Neat footage:12/19/13 



Very neat Video. Rick comes across as a very, very nice, albeit, very successful man, who happens to have one of the neatest collections around.