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One of the easiest upgrades for C4 Corvette owners is a state-of-the-art sound system. Over time, you are bound to notice various failures of the individual amplifiers that power each of the four speaker enclosures. In this newsletter, Mid America Motorworks reviews what to look for in a failing sound system, as well as options to improve your cruising tunes.

Trouble in Tune Town
The sound system on a 1984-1996 Corvette requires all four amplifiers to power-up and operate any time the turn is turned on. This means in "real world" service, the amplifiers frequently see more hours of duty than any other component on the car. Electronic components have no particular life expectancy, but do seem doomed to failure sooner or later.
If you are experiencing abnormal sounds from one quadrant, or possibly several, the amplifier is usually the culprit. The only sure method for troubleshooting amplifier failure is to transfer the properly working unit from the opposite side to the side that exhibits the problem. This same procedure may be used to pinpoint problems within an individual speaker, harness, etc.

Amp It Up
To restore your original stereo system, we recommend going with the original option – BOSE. BOSE was a factory option selected by many C4 owners when they purchased their Corvettes. Luckily, replacement options are available to restore that showroom sound.
C4 Sound System
BOSE Radio Amplifier
• Direct plug-in replacement for C4 Corvettes
• Restore original power and clarity
• BOSE OE quality
• 1990 Corvettes require an adapter harness
• Limited stock available
If you want a little extra sound for your investment, there are amplifiers available that bring today's technology to the C4 Corvette.

Pioneer Amplifier
• Powers front and rear speakers with 45 watts RMS each
(3 times factory)
• Compact and can install almost anywhere
• Can often be powered from the same circuit as the receiver, saving some wiring hassles
• Adjustable for subwoofer use while still powering a pair of front speakers
• A universal harness lets you get signal from an aftermarket receiver's RCA outputs or a factory radio's speaker wiring
• If your car receiver's power circuit is protected by a 15-amp or larger fuse (check your fuse box or owner's manual), you can tap into it to power your GM-D1004. Otherwise, you'll have to run a power wire to the battery. Be sure to add a 15-amp inline fuse as close to the battery as possible.
C4 Sound System
C4 Sound System
Bluetooth Amplifier
• Stream music from any wireless device
• Can be used with or without a radio
• Connect 2 or 4 speakers to the amplifier and work everything directly from a Bluetooth enabled device
• Or connect to any radio through an Amp Interface

• Mutes on incoming calls
• Doesn't function 30 feet from wireless device

With any luck, these improvements will get your radio back to proper function so you can enjoy the open road with your favorite tunes as the soundtrack to your drive.
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