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C8 Mid Engine

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Engine at the front, drive at the back. That’s been the staple of the Corvette since it was introduced in 1953. Alternatively, so has the idea of a mid-engined variant. Up until now, we haven’t seen said mid-engine Corvette reach the production line, but rumors have been swirling, and the idea is becoming more of a reality today than ever before.

There have been plenty of reports and even a few test mules spotted, but we won’t know whether a mid-engine Corvette is actually happening until we see one in the flesh. For now, we can only imagine. That’s where our ace rendering artist Hansen Art comes in.

The concept you see here is our interpretation of a possibly upcoming mid-engine Corvette. And it’s pretty radical, as it should be.

From front to back, the new Corvette will get a massive makeover. Though, it won’t lose too many styling cues from the Stingray we know and love. The front end gets a huge boost in aerodynamics without that big engine in the way, and the grille will provide more downforce than the underlying Z06.

Engineers are also likely to also ditch many of the heavier fiberglass body panels in place of lighter, stiffer carbon fiber. Just like any good supercar.

Move the engine from the front to the back— sounds simple enough, right? While the idea may sound elementary, the engineering required in restructuring an entire vehicle could hypothetically take years. But thanks to a robotic frame fabrication tool GM cooked up for the C7 Corvette, stretching and shaping a new frame for the engine transfer won’t take rocket science. Just engineering science…and time.

With that reworked frame, Chevy will probably stick the same 6.2-liter V8 found in the current ‘Vette back there, albeit with a turbocharger or two. It’s relatively new, eeks out huge amounts of power when need be, and definitely worthy of powering a world-class Corvette hypercar. Expect somewhere north of 750 horsepower to be present.

When it’s all said and done, if Chevy does decide to move forward with the mid-engine Corvette project, it’s bound to be something special. A radical, American design paired with a powerful engine and a modern chassis should put cars like the Porsche 918 and McLaren P1 on notice.

After all, Americans can build world-class hypercars too.

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