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Here is the update on GM's answer to the shake and shutter problems many C7 owners problem. I got a call back today from the Chevy Rep. She said they are aware of the problem and have stopped changing out torque converters since they may wind up having the same problems in the future. They have their engineers working on a new Torque converter, and as soon as it is ready GM will be sending out notices to owners. It should be no later then April. They are also having the problems with the Colorados, and some Silveradoes. This shaking is a bit annoying, tolerable knowing a solution is coming. Better to wait until they get a valid fix as this repair is a MAJOR, BIG JOB.
😕Hopefully anyone who has already had the converter changed won't have any future problems.
There is also another bulletin out which talks about cracked or leaking fuel pump lines. If you have a gasoline smell or see a puddle on your garage floor you could have this issue. Remember when the C-7's came out how they were raving about the quality control? I wonder what happened!

Chevrolet has a great website for its owners where you can create an account for all of your GM vehicles and track recalls, TSBs, and repairs performed on your vehicles. By setting up an Owner Center account you’ll be able to manage all your GM vehicles in one place as well as log in to

Go to , click on “Owners” at the top of the page, then “Owner Center” on the left, enter a few simple fields and you have created you own Chevrolet garage.

Want to see a complete listing of all TSB's (Technical Service Bulletins)?? Below is a link. Enter your Vehicle info and a complete list comes up:

Click on Recalls & TSB's on the top menu, select your Vette info and a complete list appears. FYI, my 2014 has 260 TSB's issues since inception.
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