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We encourage members to purchase and wear shirts with our club logo embroidered with your name, year or Gen of your Vette(s) and anything else you might want. The “official” shirt color is WHITE however, in addition to AND NOT IN LIEU OF WHITE, you may want to consider the other styles & colors available at:


Shawn & Robin can do hats, shirts, patches, and nearly anything you might want the club logo affixed to.  Very nice people and a joy to deal with.  Don’t see a shirt or hat there that you like.  Bring in any garment and they’ll still customize it to your specifications.  EMAIL Custom Apparel


Name badges (magnetic or pin) can be obtained by contacting member Roger Stokes EMAIL ROGER  (352) 430-2113

FLAGS (for your Vette)

Having lost our original flag vendor, Mike White has located/coordinated with a new vendor for a Village Vettes Corvette Club/US Flag/Caddy combination set.
A prototype Village Vettes Corvette Club logo flag has been fabricated by vendor Barbra PECK with Artistic Dream Designs Artistic Dream Designs WebSite. The VVCC logo flag is double-sided.
Barbara does NOT have the caddy sets (poles) in inventory. These are supplied by a separate vendor Doug SCHILLER (Flag Caddie Company, P.O. Box 1274, Belvidere, IL 61008 – cell (815) 979-4591 email to To order simply go to Doug's website, or a phone call (815-289-0489) to order the Village Vettes Corvette Club Logo/US Flag/Caddy Set.  

ZIP CORVETTE now stocks C4, C5, C6 & C7 flag caddies for both coupes & convertibles along with 
Put your patriotism on display at the next cruise-in, car show or parade with a custom designed Corvette Flag Caddie. Flag Caddie's are designed to mount flags to your Corvette's roof panel latch brackets for a seamless installation.  Click the logo below and do a search using "FLAG CADDIE"

Flag Caddie package includes (1) pair of flags for the LH or RH side with specially designed poles and mounting hardware. And when Old Glory get's a little tattered - Zip carries replacement flags so that the Stars and Stripes are always looking their best. Fits 2014-2016 Corvette Convertibles.

Note: The C7 Corvette Flag Caddie is not designed for high-speed events. Caddies for 2014-2016 Corvettes are designed for parades and car shows only.
You'll need to provide Doug with the generation of your Corvette (C1-C7), body type (Targa, T-Top, FRC, Roadster), shipping address, etc. and he will make the associated coordination with Barbra to complete your order. There is a one payment of $56. You will pay Doug the entire cost of the flag and pole ($56.00) and he will pay Barb for the fabric flag fabrication.
If you encounter a problem and/or need further clarification, contact Mike White at e-mail by clicking the button below.