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Think ya can't win a CORVETTE, THINK TWICE.  

Member Ron & Marty Tanner are the proud owners of a 2013 60th Anniversary 427 BIG "FREAKIN" BLOCK Roadster that he WON via the raffle at the Museum.  There are a limited number of tickets sold so you're NOT competing with hundreds of thousands of others. Typically, tickets available for most raffles are limited to 1,000 soooo, you buy multiple tickets, you're chance go up exponentially.  This isn't like playing the lottery here in FLORIDA. With the NCM raffles YOU CAN ACTUALLY WIN, and, if you don't, you can see who did win. Simply buying a ticket benefits the museum so why not. If you play the Florida Lottery, you're chances of winning here are much soooo much better.  NCM CORVETTE RAFFLES