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We are a "charitable based" organization of over 400 members owning approx 270 Corvettes (plus various Classic Rods). The club was established in 2005 and is comprised of Corvette owners who live in The Villages. The purpose of our club is to celebrate the ownership of America’s Sports Car, raise funds and supplies for local charities and enjoy the camaraderie of other Corvette enthusiasts.


  • Charlie Tagman President
  • Rich Rose Vice President
  • Marcus Sherrill Secretary
  • Art Donnely Treasurer   
  • Tom Swiers  Activities Director

  • George Borke Webmaster  EMAIL GEORGE  407-758-5298
  • Ron Tanner NCM Ambassador 
  • Paul Bova                        Membership             
  • Darry Bova Newletter  


Charlie Tagman President

Rich Rose Vice President

Marcus Sherrill Secretary

Ron Cullum Treasurer  

Tom Swiers  Activities Director


Don Chaney, President

Charlie Tagman, Vice President

  Don Schultz Secretary

Ron Cullum Treasurer  

Tom Swiers Activities Director


We are a non-profit organization and contribute regularly to charitable organizations. Each calendar quarter we specify a charity to be the recipient of donations raised at our monthly meetings.

We participate in local and long distance car shows, club events like holiday parties and picnics, caravans to Daytona speedway for track runs and trips to auto showcases near and far. Cruises to eateries for lunch or dinner and day trips to :

 (1) Reside in The Villages

 (2) You must own a Corvette

Prospective members can easily join one of 2 ways.  We strongly suggest you use our automated ON-LINE REGISTRATION wherein you can automatically pay by Credit Card.  

Simply print this blank application, fill it out New Member Application 1.8  and bring it and your initial dues and initiation payment with you to our next scheduled meeting held the 2nd. Thursday of each month.  Bring with you a CHECK or Ca$h to cover your initiation fee and first year’s dues. 

New members are subject to a one-time initiation fee of $25.00 per entrant application.  Annual dues for those joining before June 30 are of $25.00 per family or, if a single person, $15 per person. For those joining after July 1 the dues are cut in half for the 1st. year  ($12.00 per family membership and $7.00 for a single person membership) and full dues for each subsequent year.  We encourage both adult family members join as 85% of our membership is comprised of both family members.  

Any questions?  Contact Ron Cullum, Treasurer


(630)  302-6290